Aquarium Glue

Aquarium glue is a pretty touchy subject in the aquarium hobby. Simply put, people don’t trust the chemicals the glue can release into the water after extended periods of time. In my opinion, they are rightfully concerned as many of us spend countless hours and more money than we’d like to on our aquariums. That being said, here are some specific things to look for when trying to find a safe aquarium glue.

Here are the glues that I use on my own aquariums. I have used all of these and have had no problems with any of them.

Aquarium safe super glue

Frag glue:

What to look for:

  • Super glue products that say “100% Cyanoacrylate”
  • Look for Loctite Super Glue GEL
Buy Aquarium Safe Frag Glue

Loctite Superglue Gel $6.95 – Free shipping available

GE Silicone I


What to look for:

  • Make sure it is 100% silicone
  • Avoid anything with mold inhibitors
  • Clear or black silicone
Buy Reef safe silicone


Zoo Med Black Silicone 3oz $7.99


Perfecto Silicone Aquarium Sealant 1oz $3.39

Perfecto Silicone Aquarium Sealant 2.8oz $5.69

Perfecto Silicone Aquarium Sealant 10.3oz $10.95

aquarium epoxy for frags, rocks, and more

Aquarium Epoxy:

What to look for:

  • Make sure its a reef safe brand
Buy aquarium safe epoxy

Marineland Hold Fast Epoxy Stick $6.77

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